Man Weeps As He Recalls His Abusive Marriage: “My Wife’s Boyfriends Used To Beat Me Up” (Photo)

Man Weeps As He Recalls His Abusive Marriage: “My Wife’s Boyfriends Used To Beat Me Up” (Photo)

A man recently told his tragic tale of a failed marriage.


Antony Ng’ang’a, a single father of two from Kenya, spoke out about the cruelty he endured during his marriage, which came to an end when his wife left him with a baby who was three months old.

On Citizen TV’s Shajara with Lulu program, Antony spoke up about how he met his then-wife in 2016 and how they were hitched right away. He said that their marriage had been difficult from the start.

“I would leave for work around five in the morning and return at midnight. One day, a neighbor called to let me know that there was a man inside our home, and that he departed as soon as I entered. The neighbors had informed me that they had seen my wife with other men, he recounted.

Anthony painfully recalled meeting his wife holding hands with other men on the streets and whenever he confronted them, they would allegedly beat him up.

“She started drinking and I would meet her holding hands with other men on the road and every time I asked, they would attack and beat me up,” he said.

Antony stopped sharing his bed with his wife and moved into their children’s bedroom, until his wife, one night informed him that she was done with their marriage and left.

“She took the children with her but returned them in the morning including the one who was three months then, I begged her to stay especially for the lastborn who I believed needed her mother, but she refused,” he said.

Juggling work and raising his two children became a challenge for him, causing him to lose many job opportunities because of the children. He recalled how they could not afford food or house rent and sometimes they would end up being homeless.

“I used to worry a lot that I would leave my kids alone while I looked for work. Sometimes I would come home with nothing, which would force me to give them water instead of food,” he added.

Ng’ang’a began to get unwell, but he had no idea what was wrong. He claimed to weigh 28 kg, and he had begun to lose his hair.

“As I was taking a bath on Sunday morning, getting ready for church, my hair tumbled into the sink. I was still unsure of what was wrong with me. I had wounds on my lower stomach, so my neighbor suggested I visit a doctor, the man added.

Antony bitterly described in the interview how he

found out that he was HIV positive and thought that his wife had infected him because of her alleged unfaithfulness. He later found out that his wife and their two children were in fact HIV negative.

‘’The doctors thought I had quit taking my ARVs but that was not the case because I did not know my status. I was shocked because I was not even aware of my status, I took several tests and they all confirmed that I was positive,” he said.

According to him, he was in denial because he was always faithful and never slept with any woman other than his wife. Today, he believes that he might have been infected while rescuing people involved in a road accident.

“I called my wife and asked her why she infected me thinking that she was the one who gave me the virus but it turns out she was negative. Then I remembered there was a time I rescued people involved in an accident and I got some wounds in my hand and hand blood all over, I suspect I got it from there because my wife is the only woman I ever slept with,” she said.

Today, Antony has accepted his status and is living a healthy life. He says he has no intentions of marrying someone else out of here or infecting the partner.

“I would never want to infect another person it is so unfair; I just want to raise my daughters and provide them with a better future. That is my main focus right now,” he said.

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